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Home Theaters and Media Rooms

Today, all video sources are in high definition.  Cable, satellite and Blu-Ray have a picture and sound that will immerse you in the action. Have the best seat in house in your own home! 

Whether you want to turn your rec room into a man cave or your family room into a media room or dedicated home theater, we can customize to fit every need and budget. Flat screen or projector? Which surround sound receiver fits your needs? We'll explain your options and answer any questions you may have.

Lighting Control Systems

Streamlining wall switches to one convenient programmed screen eliminates confusion and additional fixtures. Specialized buttons can be programmed by rooms, zones, and the entire house. With astronomical clocking that automatically updates, we can set up exterior and interior scenes so you never have to come home to a dark house.

The image above shows two different options available for your selection; a labeled key pad or an interactive touch screen.

Whole House Audio Systems

A multi source, multi zone system set up allows different music to be played in different rooms throughout your home. No more compromising on the music selection! These systems can be controlled with apps on your smartphone or tablet, while also having the ability to sync to your friends’ playlists.

Communications Wiring

As the backbone of a well-connected home, the quality of wiring and installation matters. Streaming videos and music, interactive gaming, and WiFi access demand comprehensive data wiring and networks that can handle mass traffic without delays, buffering, and freezing, which ruin the experience. Our standard is to use Category 6 Data Cable and terminations to ensure the communication speed you will need is met now and will be in the future.

Advance Security System

Residential security systems are an important part of any home. They are multifunctional for both burglary and fire detection.  

For the burglar security system, the first line detection is the window and door contacts, backed up by active glass-break detectors, and passive Infrared motion detection. Video surveillance is not only useful for police, but to see who is in and around your home from your smartphone or tablet in real time.  

For the fire detection portion, we go beyond the basic smoke and carbon monoxide detectors required by standard fire codes, and add heat detectors in high risk areas (such as the attic, laundry room, kitchen, etc.)   

Check with your insurance company about discounts on your Homeowner’s Insurance Premium.

Additional Services

Residential and Commercial Acoustic Treatments - Customized sound paneling can control the acoustics and improve sound quality while complimenting the décor and deadening ambient noise.

Motorized Shades - Protect your furnishings from damaging sunlight or darkening a room for a true theater experience.

Outdoor Lighting Design - Adds elegance by accenting outdoor features and illuminating the driveway and walkways around your home

Central Vac - When building a new home, we can provide this additional service to allow for easier clean up in the future.

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